The new Power Shaft

"The World's only universal solid-weighted

Lacrosse training shaft."

Power Shaft GOALIE Training Shaft

Tom Rotanz, the State Championship Lacrosse Coach from Shoreham Wading River has taken the weighted training shaft to a new level.

Thinking back to the days when I played and shoved a long piece of two of rebar (reinforcement rod), sand, pennies and more into a lacrosse shaft to make it weighted, this was one of the best things that helped my game and stick skills improve.

20 years later...the Math and Computer science teacher has come up with a shaft that is now being found on campuses and teams like the Duke, Ohio State and North Carolina Mens team as well as the Syracuse University Women's team.

You can now get this shaft and start your training for the 2013 season and beyond right here at and Check out these clips to get an idea about what these shafts are all about!

Women's Shaft:

Men's and Women's Shaft with Drills:

Men's Shaft: Goalie

PowerShaft: The Commercial!

Grab Your Own PowerShaft here!

Here are the PowerShaft options to choose from: Please be careful to order the correct size

Women's Lacrosse:

30 Inch Light: For field players: 2.2 pounds (MSRP $84.95)

30 Inch Heavy: For goalies: 4.0 pounds (MSRP $99.95)

Men's Lacrosse:

30 Inch Light: For Offense: 2.2 Pounds (MSRP $89.95)

30 Inch Heavy: Faceoffs: 4.0 pounds (MSRP $99.95)

40 Inch Light: Goalie- Younger players 2.8 pounds (MSRP $89.95)

40 Inch Heavy: Goalie 5.1 pounds (MSRP $99.95)

60 Inch Defense Light- Younger players 4.4 pounds (MSRP $114.95)

60 Inch Defense Heavy: 8.0 pounds (MSRP $129.95)

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